Curious why Lincoln is being called the startup capitol of silicon prairie?

Get Behind the brick walls

of major technology companies and see how their founders are building ground-breaking businesses.

Tour 1

Archrival, Nebraska Global & FUSE Coworking (90 Minutes)

Tour 2

WRK Property Developers of Railyard & Canopy Street (90 Minutes)

Tour 3

Retail/Arts Spaces of Late Blooming & Second Act Entrepreneurs (2-3 hours)

Tour 4

Bulu Box, opendorse, Nonprofit Hub & UNL Startup Studio (90 Minutes)

Amazing entrepreneurs of lincoln

Take the AEofL Walking Tour

Get behind the brick walls of the historical buildings to see how the founders of major technology companies have created innovative and creative spaces for their teams and employees. Hear the stories of how they started and grew their businesses; stories that are being published in Forbes, INC and Entrepreneur Magazines.

Featured Businesses

Spotlighting the amazing entrepreneurial startup community and the individuals who have pioneered the growth of business and industry in Lincoln, NE.
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A buzz-building youth marketing agency. We make brands relevant in youth culture with smart strategy, impactful creative and authentic experiences.  Clients include Red Bull, Intel, Pabst, and Oakley.
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Nebraska Global
Nebraska Global was founded on the idea that when nerds and money meet, amazing things can happen. We have the money. Now, we need more nerds.
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FUSE Coworking
FUSE Co-working aims to give people a place they enjoy working. FUSE provides coworkers with everything they need to succeed: a quiet place to work with blazing-fast Internet; meeting space; and, of course, coffee.


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