Tour #1

September 15, 2015

(90 Minutes)






A buzz-building youth marketing agency.

We make brands relevant in youth culture with smart strategy, impactful creative and authentic experiences.  Clients include Red Bull, Intel, Pabst, and Oakley.

Nebraska Global

Nebraska Global Wall



Nebraska Global was founded on the idea that when nerds and money meet, amazing things can happen. We have the money. Now, we need more nerds.

We know software. It’s our passion, our love. In fact, the only thing we love as much as software is this great state of Nebraska. And we’re looking for more people like us—software-loving Nebraska nerds who want to build a life around this unique passion.

Nebraska Global isn’t your typical venture capital fund. Unlike most Venture Capital firms, we want to focus on building a sustainable tech environment by helping establish healthy, hearty software businesses within the state and not focus solely on a 30x return and pre-determined exit strategy. Our mission is to build profitable companies, but it isn’t to squeeze every last dollar out of entrepreneurs or “spray and pray”

Grow your business here. Raise your family here. Develop here.

FUSE Co-working


FUSE Coworking   FUSE Coworking   IMG_8740

FUSE Co-working aims to give people a place they enjoy working. FUSE provides coworkers with everything they need to succeed: a quiet place to work with blazing-fast Internet; meeting space; and, of course, coffee. On top of meeting the physical demands of a great space, FUSE immerses coworkers in a culture where people can bounce ideas off others, learn from other businesses’ experiences, and put their brains together to form unique solutions. In short, FUSE gives entrepreneurs and telecommuters a place to call work.


Notice, this is a walking tour. Participants will encounter cobblestone streets, narrow hallways, slow elevators and a few stairs.  We will be in and out of the weather so dress appropriately. Comfortable shoes are a must. Children need to be old enough to stand in one place for 10 minutes (test them before you arrive:-)

Parking garages are close by with the first hour free.  Metered parking is available for 90 minutes to two hours. Meters and garages do accept credit and debit cards.

Space is limited to 10 participants in a group.  More guides are available for larger groups.

Tour cost: $20, $5 discount for local residents and aspiring entrepreneurs, $10 discount for students, military, senior citizens.